Interrogate the

Each suspect hides information about himself but has a lot about the others: where were they at the time of the murder?, who with?, what motives could make them kill Mr. Walton?

Cooperate with the police

The police is investigating the case. They have much useful informatition that may share with you. Compare your inquiries with them.

Look for clues in Walton Mansion

Even the tiniest detail can be the key to catch the murderer. Search all the rooms and get ready to find many surprises.

Ask the service staff

Mr. Walton’s loyal service staff would have never betrayed their master… because they feared him so much! They know the mansion and where the AWKWARD GUESTS were over the night.

Do you need some help?

Follow the AWKWARD GUESTS in their social networks to be updated of their news and get useful investigation advice.

Examine the crime scene

Enter the study and look for hints about how the murderer killed Mr. Walton.

Consult the forensic examination

The corpse is being examinated and the doctor is about to give his conclusions about the murder weapon.